Useless sidebar in Edge – or do you think so?

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But thank you for being able to hide it in the settings - unfortunately, but it is worth thinking about completely removing this component - please give feedback on this!

:)  I added this link because I agree with the author of this thread below:

How to remove the "discover" button? - Page 2 - Microsoft Community Hub

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If anyone is using this new sidebar in Edge - please confirm if they are satisfied?  -> would recommend to other users?

I use it, it's definitely convenient. I don't think it'd be worth completely removing it in any case; I think the current implementation of allowing users to enable/disable it as needed works fine. If a user doesn't want it, they just don't need to enable it; that way, it stays around for people who want it and keeps out the way for people who don't.

@familieslife1 Hi,

thank you for the feedback, but if I have several computers and I waste time getting rid of this bar, and disabling related services that I do not need - then I am trying to understand why Microsoft implemented this as a modern feature?

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@Andrzej1 I also use the sidebar.

I manage social media profiles and community platforms for a tech company and having all the platforms + my tech stack -  right there on the sidebar is super helpful. Telegram, discord, IG, FB, twitter, plus internal tools like slack, canva, and productivity tools like notion, gitbook, onedrive and drop. 


Now that's not to say it's perfect and it needs some improvments for sure, but it's a promising feature that will be even more valuable and useful in the future as they were improve it and build upon it (i presume). 

@alexandercm Hi,

I understand, thank you, this thread I see that it makes sense -> further discussion may be helpful!

I like the Sidebar and it's ability to all you to stay in a tab, and open within that tab somethig from the sidebar.