Upcoming Release Schedule for Dev, Beta, and Stable

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Hi everyone,


To stay aligned with the Chromium Project's release schedule, we do not have any planned Dev, Beta, or Stable releases for the next two weeks. However, Canary will continue to receive updates every weekday. Starting the week of July 13th, we'll resume our typical release cadence, with updates coming to Dev weekly and Beta every 6 weeks.


Even though we're taking a shipping break, we'd still love to hear your thoughts! You can engage with us on Twitter at @MSEdgeDev or on this forum. If you'd like to report a bug or provide product feedback, you can use our in-browser feedback tool. (Navigate to "..." menu > "Help and feedback" > "Send feedback," or hold down Shift+Alt+I).


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

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Thank You for the Heads up... Was beginning to wonder about this weeks dev update or lack of.. :)


@Deleted Enjoy your break! Thanks for everything you and the team has done. :stareyes:

@Dennis5mile We had still been evaluating our timelines up until today, so we let you know as soon as we could. ;)


@Macca1parry Thanks, we appreciate that! We'll still be listening to your feedback during the break, and I'll be here on the forums. 


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge



@Deleted , I didn't get any reply back, could you please check this https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/password-protection-for-profiles/m-p/1497836


Thank you.

@Deleted So, the stable version 85 won't come until August?


@Alexei_Drekker wrote:

So, the stable version 85 won't come until August?

I think first version 84 should come out as stable which is still in Beta channel

@HotCakeX Oh. Right. Forgot about that. Thanks. 

You're welcome ^^ it should come out any day now since chrome 84 released yesterday.
@Deleted I was wondering where the updates were back in July.