Uninstalling Microsoft Edge completely with updater and other from login items in macOS Ventura

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I am currently using macOS Ventura for 2020 M1 macbook air. After installing Edge I wanted to stop the microsoft autoupdate to stop. But after turning it off I am having weird notification bug from the system Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 3.55.03 AM.png

that includes random notifications from system settings. Here I am attaching screenshot of it. 

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 3.55.26 AM.png

Worst part of this is I am having multiple notifications from each and every background runnable items. After I tried to uninstall edge (move to bin) I tried to move everything else associated with it from the Library directory of my hard drive. I only managed to find microsoft auto update. Moved it to bin also, restarted the system but still along with microsoft edge, auto update and other tools were present in the login items and producing this bug. 

How can I cleanly uninstall and remove all microsoft belongings from my system?

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Did you find any solution for this? It's really nagging popping up each time. @_tashin