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Form what Microsoft states, we cannot uninstall Microsoft edge. What I would like to ask is, what kind of a manager made this decision and the reasoning behind it? 
You see I am developer, and I never had an idea, that instead of making my product better, and users wanting to use it - I can force the product on to them. In phycology this is a marking of a narcissism and delusion of self importance
Maybe you need the browser because of some critical functionality of Windows (like updates). But this only speaks about your skills as developers then.  

We thought that ignoring the existence of your product is a compromise, but no. You push your product in our face. We reboot, and once in a while there it is - your pride an joy - Edge, with some proposition advice or promotion.  

So I would really like to hear form the manager that made this decision - why?

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Thank you for expressing your concern about being unable to uninstall Microsoft Edge. We understand that as a developer, you value creating products that users will choose to use on their own. However, Microsoft Edge is an integral part of the Windows operating system and is utilized for important functionalities such as updates. As a company, we strive to constantly improve our products and services and make them more user-friendly. We apologize if the appearance of Edge on your screen may seem intrusive at times, but it is our way of ensuring you have access to the latest updates and features. The decision to make Microsoft Edge an unremovable part of Windows was made by a team of experienced managers who have extensive knowledge of the technology industry and continuously work towards enhancing user experience. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work towards providing you with the best possible experience.


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Thank you for the reply and the clarification behind the desicion.
If we are speaking as technical people to eachother - this is, to say the least, a strage desicion.
To be speculative about this, it looks like a problem that many companies suffer from, and that is: people from non technical background make technical decisions. Those end up being marketing decisions and not architectural solutions.
Good luck with your product. We will find a way to mute and hide the browser if its in our way :)