Under what circumstances does the browser generate the FireIdleCallback events

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When I visit (like bing) , the browser(MSEdge for chromium) will generate FireIdleCallback event, see log:

[System] Chrome Event: FireIdleCallback (Complete) FireIdleCallback, Complete, data, , ,
[System] Chrome Event: FireIdleCallback (Complete End) FireIdleCallback, Complete End, , , ,


but, If I use local http server, FireIdleCallback events do not occur.

So, Under what circumstances can the FireIdleCallback event be generated ?

remind:visit or local server, MSEdge can normal showing content page.


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@HotCakeX thanks for your reply, but I think there are difference between fireidlecallback and requestidlecallback.

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Well as implemented in WebIDL's 'requestIdleCallback' polls a function in the queue to be called.


This leads to 'Fire Idle Callback'; firing (Executing) it later, this one is internal to the browser.





@Phoebus so, The ultimate solution is to clean up all of the browser's cached data. after use local server, browser will load new data, it will generate FireIdleCallback event.


@Phoebus Glad to see that you were able to get some help from the community! Let us know if anything else comes up, and welcome to the MS Edge Insiders group.


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