Ugly outline in dropdown menus

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The first element in History/Favorites/Downloads menus is always outlined when I open the menu - it's ugly and there's no need in this because I did not used keyboard for navigation between the elements.



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doesn't look that bad..




 you might not use keyboard but you can press enter immediately after opening history panel to go to the first entry


it's also there for assistive technologies. I remember developers mentioning similar thing in this forum.

If I open Extensions Menu, the first element would not be outlined.
If I open the old history dropdown, there will not be outlines until I use the keyboard for the first time.
I think there's no need in instant outlines (applies to all websites) until I use keyboard or if I don't have assistive technologies enabled.
Extensions are different because simply pressing enter on them doesn't do much, they have custom menus that appear when we click or press enter on them.
the same outline exists for favorites and downloads flyouts,
Collections don't have it which makes it inconsistent,

this is useful even if user is not having any assistive technology, like if you just use keyboard shortcuts and you don't have to press down arrow twice.
maybe instead of an outline if it was a mild highlight over the selected item, it would look better

it's even more inconsistent because Windows don't have it too, it shows only when I use keyboard for the first time (and Windows outlines are way uglier)