Turning about:blank page different colors

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Is there any way to turn the about:blank page black? It makes dark mode on MS Edge pretty much useless otherwise. It flashes a nice big white screen when it opens, the ability to change the color would be very nice.

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Good suggestion, totally agree, when the theme is set to dark, everything that can be dark needs to be dark, that includes all the built in and internal pages such as about:blank
edge://sync-internals/ and many more

if you haven't already, please file a feedback for it using feedback button on Edge, gonna do the same.



I did, and I found somewhat of a work around as well. I made a black html page, and set this as the startup page, thus it did start a bit better. I used the file:// then the path using / in the path rather than \ as normal. I attached the file to the thread as a zip. Hope this helps.

I still want to use the NTP and its features, I don't see about:blank page often,
but my goal is to fix it once and for all, for everyone, by default
i also use night light in Windows during night time

There is a setting at 


that you can enable to set dark mode on the about:blank page as well as menus. 



Thank you so much, I never saw this before in any previous build.