Turn the Tiles on the Edge NTP (New Tab Page) into Live Tiles

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on the NTP (new tab page), most visited websites can be shown, with a small icon which is basically that website's favicon and the website/web page title.


My Suggestion is to Turn those Tiles into Live Tiles.

  • so instead of showing a static Icon and title, show the contents of that web page.
  • the contents can be divided into 4 or 5 slides that are the size of the whole Tile and change every 3-4 seconds automatically like a slide show.
  • they can be very useful and serve as a quick sneak peak or preview into those most visited websites, so user can look at them and check for new content.
  • these previews can be loaded when Edge is launched and reloaded when the user refreshes the new tab page.
  • there needs to be a minimum period between each manual reload of these contents to prevent sending spam-looking requests to those websites (when a user decides to spam the refresh button on NTP). the minimum period can be set to something like 20 seconds and not less.
  • this will be a great addition to the new Edge browser. dynamically generated contents are always better than static content.


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