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With the latest version of Canary, the title bar is too wide (see screen) and tablet mode disabled



Or is there a new mode for "visually impaired"? :xd:
The design devs are probably on vacation since some 'bugs' have still not been fixed for 1 month


Back with the version of Canary 115 which is very good :)



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@tistou I'm going to say it's a Chromium thing. Edge compared side by side with Chromium itself has about the same size and look of the title bar and also other bars. See: 







It's ok with the last Canary version I tested, but I'm still with the 115, waiting for the accent color bug (color of the title bar) to be solved (since mid July)

Oh, I haven’t noticed the color bug of the title bar. Yeah, I'm using Edge Canary (default browser) along with Chromium (same source code browser that Edge and Chrome and Opera and some other browsers are based off of, but Chromium doesn't have an auto updater and lacks most media player codices so not ideal for the average person.) Neat for side by side comparing though like in these cases. So I’m not sure what’s in Edge Stable version 115. The thing about Edge Canary is that even though they update every day or other day changing their Edge version of Canary (currenlty 118.0.2048.0), the Chromium version they use seems to not update for about two weeks or so. Right now at the time of this post, Edge is on Chromium version 118.0.5940.0 (been so for the last few days) while Chromium itself which updates it's developer branch builds several times a day is on 118.0.5962.0 (Chrome Canary is on 118.0.5961.0 as of today and updates daily.) So it seems if there's a bug or issue that's build into a specific version of Chromium that is being used by Edge at that time it might carry over and stay in the Edge Canary builds for a few days. 










The bug in the title bar (color) has been present since mid-July, and reported by many people
And I une the Canary 115 version, I even believe that the color bug is now in the stable version
Ah. I haven't been following the title bar color bug (or didn't think much of it .) Yeah, if it's still in Canary it'll be a bit before any bug fixes in Canary reach Stable.