Time to make Bing shine!

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Not exaggerated entry from my point of view. I think that Bing might be gotten to like, despite those  deeds behind the doors... ;)


Make my statement short - I want Bing to take the burden of unit conversions.




One of my feedback conveyances through official Feedback service in 09.06.2021 was focused on currencies, units and time zones conversions. I'm sure I was not alone mentioning the feature to Edge Team.


[Fig. 1] See how simple and aesthetic solution was created and implemented in Opera


I wrote to Feedback suggesting to copy the Opera invention, but a few days ago I've found a better idea.


Why not to use Bing to the aims?


I was so proud of myself I had invented "a wheel" to Edge, that I overlooked Bing existence at all. It was only after some time that I've recalled that Bing search engine, so heavily maligned by many users, is a very important part of Edge. Well, it might be the "very important part of Edge" (vide Yandex Browser with Yandex search service).


So, I've started quickly to test what Bing offers in terms of currency, unit and time zone conversions. Dammit! The dire picture has quickly surfaced to my despair. :( It appears to be a full-fledged search engine but not focused on conversions. But the status quo is much worse - the stupidity of Bing conversions was/is crippling!


See the few exemplary screenshots. (further part of text after pictures)


[Fig. 2] How Bing works "now" with pinned panel



[Fig. 3] How Bing should work with "float" option switched on



[Fig. 4] Bad example of conversion



[Fig. 5] Good example of conversion



[Fig. 6] Bad example - sizes unrecognized



[Fig. 7] Bad example - $ is unrecognized!



[Fig. 8] Bad example - $ was recognized as Polish Zloty, senseless!



[Fig. 9] Bad example - senseless, unrecognized sizes



[Fig. 10] Good example - but without selected option(s) - defined in Settings page



I think that two programmers well skilled in Bing API would add to Bing application aptly designed
module to use Bing to the jobs. Let it be a small upper part of Bing panel invoked by the awkwardly named option "Search Bing in sidebar for..." (in selection's context menu), where automatically detected and converted unit values would be presented (as it is being done in Opera).


Thus Bing would be much more useful tool and much likable by users.


Two in one (Bing) - subject or unit conversions plus Bing search results dictated by the sources' scope of interest.


I'd be more satisfied seeing conversions results in the form found in Opera, but for the first step here in Edge domain, let it be a solution based on the "Search Bing ..." option.


Dear Edge Team,

think the idea over, please, if you don't mind, and let it be implemented promptly, with whatever you'll find possible and well slotted in your broader vision of Bing's role in Edge.


Shortly, in points

1) I'd like to see Bing panel with floating option. It is transient object (not pinned), so it'd cover pinned panels when showing conversions' results.

2) If Bing panel is to be floating over other panels (pinned panels), all panels will need to have unified their widths.

3) Bing will have to gain new Settings page similar to that one of Opera origin.
4) The form and the style of pop-up Bing windows, big or small, as well as their contents, might be Opera solution, or Edge solution (it'd be the best solution if it was selected with a switch).


BTW. Option "Search Bing ..." has unattractive naming, let it be "Ping the Bing for....". In the end using that option we ping Bing in search of something. Sorto of ping of submarines. :)



MS Edge Dev 96.0.1032.0-1
Debian Bullseye GNU/Linux 5.10.70-1, X.org 1.20.11, IceWM 2.1.2
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, Driver 460.91.03, systemd 247 (247.3-6)

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