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Personalize Edge with themes that change the look and feel of your browser and the new tab page to create beautiful and immersive visual experiences. Apply different themes to each profile to help you easily separate home, school, or work. We'll be adding more themes soon, so stay tuned!



The category is awesome, contains some game-specific themes too!

so which one are you going to use?

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Have you noticed this with the region changing? Would that make the thems come? Just wondering, sorry if I am asking a silly question

I don't know



Ran into one slight problem when installing this theme. 

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It changed the download icon on the tool bar to the same as the history icon. 

download button-2 2021-01-21 081412.jpg

When uninstalling the theme, the icon did not convert back to its original icon. 

download button 2021-01-21 081041.jpg

Even after restarting Edge 2 times and rebooting my system, the icon remains to be the history icon....   Have sent in Feedback on this issue... 



Oh, have you tried installing another theme to see if it reverts the change back?
Have you tried uninstalling Edge Canary, I know that is the last resort. You could keep trying to revert it back or contact Insider Edge Support if they can help :)

If not, uninstalling Canary or Dev and making sure sync is on and reisnstlal and remove all history nd stuff when prompted.
No I have not, but I will.

Okay, great!!

Is it just for the Canary and Dev and Stable that isnt' working, also canary?

Or is it any version of edge that causes it?
Speaking for myself, uninstalling edge canary, because of a simple icon mishap is not an option. I let the team know and others who check in on forums of potential problems they might run into as I have and will also post what works to change things back. But uninstalling is never an option... ;)

Thanks though for your input.

Okay, I see. I did say it was a last resort but it seems it didn't go through.

You see if anyone else has it and report to insider support if you wish.

Is this happening only on one profile? if so, you could jus remove that profile and add another one if it is okay with you or just keep using that profile since it is just a logo mishap and a future update will fix it :)
Ok, so now I've tried 6 themes, restarted browser after install of each one and none have changed the icon back. I will keep investigating to see what I can come up with while wait for the team to check it out and fix... :) If you have any more ideas please let me know...

Well, you could see if this is only happening in the Dev channel!

You could also see if this is only happening in one profile.

See if this is only happening in this account on windows.

You could try removing the download icon from the toolbar and enabling it as well.


@HotCakeX - Has any documentation been released to describe how users can create their own themes?  I can't seem to find any, but I may not be searching with the correct terms.



I don't think there is any documentation yet since they may not release it till it is fully released like controlled rollout is over?


Not sure, I think very soon.


Maybe it is close to how you make it on chrome?

I think ti is rolling out to everyone today since they made a unlisted video!!

"Has any documentation been released to describe how users can create their own themes? I can't seem to find any, but I may not be searching with the correct terms."

Not that I know of, for now it looks like Microsoft is the only one that makes the themes, once they enable theme submission, the process should be similar to how you submit extensions i assume.


Yes I don't think it's worth it to reinstall Edge canary for an icon swap, i'd suggest showing/hiding downloads/history icon from appearance settings in Edge and maybe it will trigger something to change it to original form.


if you wait and after some more canary updates it doesn't get fixed, you might want to reinstall :)


Yeah i see that

Yes, that is what I alrady mentioned, remove history from the toolbar.

Also if this is only happening on one profile, just delete that profile and sync eeverthhing an make a new profile.Eays picy