The hidden things in the hidden surf games

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It appears the secret Microsoft Edge Surf Game has its own secret features. In the source code, there are images such as the jet ski, and I was wondering if it was possible to use it. You can see other players using it, but can we? Could we code it in (I would but JavaScript isn't my thing)?


There is also a cat man, which some research told me that you can get by doing a sequence as soon as you open the game. But, he also appears once you open 100+ new tabs:

microsoft-hides-a-ninja-cat-easter-egg-in-microsoft-edge-for-android.jpg (340×180) (



There is also a dog which you can rescue, but what does it actually do? I am here to figure out the lore behind this game!

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I always try to get to the dog, but it seems that it's almost impossible. Let's keep trying! I wish the team could explain all their hidden secrets in an article.

@Kam Sure, but that would ruin the fun of finding it out and then writing that article ourselves!

@bennyrobert im not sure if this will help but i found the dog a little below the kraken

@bennyrobert I never seem too find the Kraken area in which you can stay and become a Kraken, that would be real fun. Found that from here- In Edge Surf game we can become the octopus!!!! - Microsoft Community

Yeah that is so true I also tried to catch dog but Couldn't I am a by the way I am  Professional ghost writer and gaming is my hobby I just love it. lots of love from Professional ghostwriting services