The function of the browser's “TTS” is too slow

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Of course not all languages, but the maximum speed of Chinese is too gentlemanly for many people who use it.

Especially the 「Microsoft Online (Natural) - Chinese (Mainland)」 series.


I know people who don't use Chinese may sound like it's already fast, but Chinese is a visual language, and even if I only listen but not read, I still feel slow. If I watch and listen at the same time, it's really incredibly slow.


So, if this feature is used directly, it may only help a portion of visually impaired individuals, but the value and assistance it may provide goes far beyond these.


So I believe it's entirely possible to further increase the upper speed limit, for example, increasing it by half of the current maximum speed.
I'd like to emphasize once more that Chinese users, during "TTS", not only "listen," but also need to "read." Therefore, the optimal speed isn't what it is currently.We need more choices .


Thank you very much for taking the time to read it.

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@Xunli185 I Agree with you but it's not just Chinese that feels slow but also English too.

instead of capping the read speed at only 400 word per minute 2x speed why not increase it to 600 word per minute 3x speed.