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I didn't realize how much I loved and wanted this behaviour until today (I had to use Chrome all day on a different work computer): when you edit the URL in Edge, it doesn't move/shift! Chrome hides "https://www." and when you click on the URL to edit it, it moves over and adds the "https://www." back. I didn't realize how stupid and annoying and awful this is until today (I've been using Edge Dev exclusively since the summer). I know it sounds minor but this alone is why I will never leave Edge, the URL moving around is so distracting and ridiculous. Edge team, thank you for not doing this! If you work in a browser for a living, this is more important than people realize.


(P.S. even though Firefox doesn't hide "https://www.", it still has this problem. So I believe Edge is the only major browser to offer this experience of a stable URL. see screenshot below)firefoxURLeditshift.png

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The WWW prefix is so redundant now