Test Flight Edge on IOS - Current Version

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I'm part of the IOS Edge test flight program, and have been for a long time.  Used to get updates at least once a week but have not had one now for about 30 days.  My current version is 46.3.7.  Have there been no updates recently or is there something wrong with my test flight app/edge app?

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@PeteDog try going to https://testflight.apple.com/join/PTxVw82a on your iOS device. There's a 10,000 user limit and I don't know if it has been reached yet, but the new Beta has been out for a few days.

Thanks for the response Barb. But as I said, I have been a member of the Edge Test Flight since it started, I believe. I don't know if my Test Flight app or Edge app has gotten "corrupted" or what. It is just no longer receiving updates as it once did. I have thought about removing and re-installing the Test Flight app and/or the Edge beta app but am afraid I would not lose my "IOS Edge Insider" access. Thoughts? Thanks again.
If "Microsoft Edge: Web Browser" shows in TestFlight, does it show "Version 91.864.11 (91.0.864.11)"? If so, I would try to remove Edge from your device then hit the INSTALL button in TestFlight. FYI, this new build is complete garbage. It crashes immediately on startup on my iPhone though it does work for me on an iPad.

There are supposedly both beta and dev builds available though I don't know how this works with TestFlight. I believe the build I have installed is the beta. Maybe dev doesn't crash immediately on startup.
Is there any way to request an invite to the Edge and OneDrive beta for iOS via TestFlight?

Edge says it’s not allowing any more testers and OneDrive says it’s full… I’d love to use them and try and find bugs.