Terrible performance issues - how to troubleshoot?

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For the past ~2 months I am having terrible performance issues in Edge (Stable).

The issues are mainly related to bringing tabs into focus. i.e. switching tabs can sometimes take a few seconds. Starting the browser is very slow. Scrolling tabs when they were just brought into focus has a noticeable delay. etc.

How can I debug this issue?

Why do MS not make debugging symbols available? (or are they? If so, where can I get them from?)

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What OS and OS build/version?

Have you tried resetting the browser?
Disabling All of your extensions?
Clearing Cache and site data?

Edge has a built in task manager.

there is also a feedback button on Edge
you can launch it by press Edge's (...) menu button => Help and feedback => Send feedback

in the newly opened window, select "Attachments" => recreate my problem => start recording

you can use it to capture slow performance and send it along with your feedback to be used to determine the cause by developers.

Are you facing this issue in case you open your browser in InPrivate browsing mode too?
As HotCakeX mentioned, make sure send a feedback , so Microsoft Edge team would be able to investigate it.