Tabs From Other Devices

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Google Chrome has a feature where I can see tabs that I have open on other devices. This can be accessed from the history page in Chrome.


My question is whether Microsoft is planning to add something like this to Edge as well.


My use case would be to allow me to open tabs on my Surface Book that I have open on my computer at work.



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@Sillvva it would be introduced soon I guess, because in Sync options, of the options present there is for Open Tabs on both PC as well as mobile, which I suppose would be syncing across the desktop installations and Mobile version soon as they expand the sync function...


Personally I do not think it will be introduced directly into the browser, since it's the job of timline right?
so I think opentabs will be timeline later

@Deleted I think both of them would exist, Timeline support, and Open Tabs sync...

@Sillvva Now that Sync Open Tabs is available as an option (in recent Canary builds, at least), I'm seeing Open Tabs on Other Devices in my History (at least on two of my three Canary installs -- the third hasn't had Sync Open Tabs rolled out to it yet).

Now that "Tabs from other devices" are available in history, I have tried them out. Saves me a lot of hassle because I'm on 2 PCs in different locations. 
Unfortunately I have tried the the switch to "Hide for now" and I'm at an loss on how to unhide the history again. 
I'd appreciate any help.