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@Elliot Kirk I feel that the dark mode isn't as contrasting as the dark mode in the original edge. When I tried it in the original, I was entranced by the dark modes near complete black color(1). The new edge has a dark gray color that does not look as contrasting(2).

(1)og edge color.png (2)chrome edge color.png

The new edge active tab is lighter than the other tabs and looks similar to chrome, however, if it were like the original edge, it would add personality to the browser. chrome edge tab.png

The original edge uses shadows to make the active tab appear to pop out a little bit from the other tabs, which is only helpful with 90 degree angles, so this would be nice to implement at the same time. Another part that made the dark mode so attractive is when the mouse hovered over an area, that area would lighten up a bit.

og edge tab.png

Lighter areas and slight pop out effect example:


Tabs also were able to slide under each other.



Another issue is that there isn't an option to make the background of the new tab page dark. It would add to the aesthetics if you were able to customize the color of the new tab page background.dark mode improvments.pngEdit: the last tab has been turned dark for a while now.

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Somehow I think making the UI as close to the original Edge should be the top priority in the new Edge. It still looks like a slightly reskinned Chrome...

@Deleted The Dark mode regardless of texture etc. is a godsend to me personally as with the darker screen and white lettering it is surely the best option and in my case, (very poor eyesight) it is a no brainer, so needless to say it is is an assett regardless, but it would be cool to have say variable darker colours, (dark Blue, Deep Red and the like) just to jazz it up a tad perhaps! It is an absolute necessity to me!


That's a good idea. I think that there are themes in the Microsoft store (the chromium one) to change the tab/omnibox bar colors. I know in Firefox there are even pictures you can insert there, but I haven't checked the store for edge to see if that's available yet.

My idea was to make the background of the "focused" homepage available in different colors, because right now its only available in white. 


I'm going to go into more detail here on the colors to homepage. I already posted this, but can't figure out how to link it, so I'm posting it here as well.

I used Inspect element to add different colors to the new tab page, and think Microsoft should consider this. @Elliot Kirk.

This is the current default dark theme for the focused NTP:homepage dark.pngThis is the default dark theme

These are the new ones:

homepage black.pngBlackhomepage blue.pngBluehomepage green.pngGreenhomepage red.pngRedhomepage sky blue.pngSky bluehomepage yellow.pngYellow

I'm colorblind and can't see purple(it just looks like a different shade of blue. I'm told I can't see the red. I wouldn't know) so I didn't bother trying to find it, and I apologize if the blue is actually purple.

@cjc2112 I like they sky blue...that's an awesome color background.



I have 3 comments:

1. I find when hoovering things do change such that it is quite noticeable, to me.
2. You can move the tabs laterally, the same as w/ Edge.
3. If the OS is set to Dark & certain OS Accent colours are used one can have very good contrast across the Edge C top bar. 


I hate the fact that tabs slide under each other in Edge Spartan. It makes me so frustrated. I love the way Chromium handles tabs

I agree on the appearance of tabs, the hover effect on tabs and the omnibox in dark mode though!

I love it! Similarly, Google Chrome has NTP customisation with a colour picker! It even themes the browser!
I love this suggestion because it offers clarity to each tab, flexibility to the user, it brings some of the nicer features of "Classic Edge" to Edge Chromium and yet differentiates Edge from Chrome.

@Woodykirk Today, they changed the dark omnibox from pure black to light gray and its annoying to see the lack of contrast after knowing what it was before.

The dark option is of little use@cjc2112 

Dark Mode may not be useful to everyone, and many casual users may only discover it by accident, but it can be a particularly useful option.

I like to switch to it at night sometimes, or when using a smaller device outside in bright sunlight.

I have a friend who simply prefers the look and is very pleased to now be able to switch Windows 10 to Dark Mode and have apps match it as well.


It's (visually) more attractive than blazing white, it's relaxing & primary reason, it's easy on the eyes.

And rest assured, your friend is not unique, not alone, at all; MANY Countless numbers of us were and are very pleased, indeed:exclamation_mark: The more widespread it's become the more pleased we are :lol:


@Drew1903 Yes, I use it to save battery, reduce strain on my eyes, and because it looks prettier. Some people like light mode and sometimes I do too, but I use dark mode much more frequently and, as a rule of thumb, the darker it is the better it is in my opinion.

Everybody chooses what they like @Drew1903 

@cjc2112 totally support! I always confused about which tab is active now in dark mode, it would be great to make it more contrast or at least give us legacy Edge UI.

To repeat: If certain OS Accent colours are used/selected there can be oodles of contrast and tabs super easy to see/notice. Trust me, I'm telling you from first hand experience, it does do the trick!  

Here is an example I grabbed quickly, just an example;  Because, the quantity of colours available that work is HUGE! And showing active & non-active tabs... actually, I often change it depending what desktop wallpaper I feel like using, for a while and also, changing the pointer colour & the clock such that everything is coordinated, ascetically.  The clock is highly customizable, in many aspects, BTW!




In other words, the effect varies depending on the OS Accent colour.  And you tell it to show in title bars & window edges.  If you go with Dark Mode/Theme & the default stuff for what I have discussed above, it WILL, indeed, be darn hard to have the tabs jump out at you.


Sent from Windows Mobile

I don't like accent colors and never use it, it's ok with just dark colors in OS to me and good old Spartan Edge. But it's a disaster with chromium edge dark theme and I shouldn't be forced to use accent colors.

@royamicus185 Definitely agree with you. I miss the really dark dark mode from spartan.

when the rest of the tabs except currently opened are acrylic transparent, it's much easier to navigate!


There is an interesting note, here. Edge doesn't apply any Accent colour the way Edge C. does.  There is nothing about being "forced" to use Accent colours.  They are something that has been used long before Edge C arrived.  But, really, for ascetics and to have the tabs, actually, be more visible & easy/easier to see /distinguish Edge C affects it better due to how it handles or applies Accent colours which, is much better then Edge does; dark on dark doesn't offer much contrast; they are more effective & helpful with Edge C than with Edge.


@cjc2112Thanks! I like the blue its very nice but the black / dark mode is even better IMO.



Hi Drew,


Hovering over a tab makes it lighter. But I never noticed it till I did read this and tried it. So, it is clearly not enough it should be made lighter. Don't forget a good part of the population is color blind to some degree. So, trying to be making it just a bit different will not work for them 


Yes, Erik, the shading changes when hoovering on a tab.  I will tell you (& others) since Edge C does a very good job of applying OS Accent colours when they are told to affect Title Bars & window frames, things can be very easy to see & distinguish.  For example...




Hi Drew,


I had to try it first. A few observations.

  1. Most end-users will not even know where to find these settings.
  2. To get a decent hover effect you should not have to customize the color scheme.
  3. Same as 2 but for the active tab. 
  4. The same is true for the buttons of course.

It was done in Edge. So, why not in Edge C. All (for me at least) they have to do is make the hover effect a bit lighter. Somewhere in the middle of the active and inactive tabs. That is what they did in Edge.


The same is true for the buttons too of course.



Actually, Erik, myself, I used various accent colours long before Edge C and with Edge C, amd not, exclusively, for the sake of the tabs appearances.  The rational has been for overall looks... to have a colour scheme that all goes together with the wallpaper & the rest of the system.  Whether colouring matches or compliments it is coordinated with everything & the aesthetics end up looking good (in my warped mind, at least).  Plus, I will often change the accent colour to go with a changed wallpaper, so, things don't become boring. 

The settings are not hard to find or notice.  As soon as one starts customizing their machine to their liking they go to Personalize & there it all is.




Hi Drew, true it is all there. But lots of people have no clue how a computer works of where to find settings. That is why the slogan " Apple it simple works" is sp great. It 


I have a question that is way of topic but maybe you have heard of it and can give a quick option

.A friend has reimage online repair installed. he has lots of problems. I suspect of what I read online it is the program ( it messes with the registry) Have you ever heard of it? 


I shall be tactful... naivety is not an excuse. Certainly, many people, you're right, do nothing to over come their naivety.  There are IT Pros who are self-taught.  User are free to poke about, click on things, discover, learn, try stuff, be curious, be interested.

And the nice thing is how super helpful Windows 10 is in that regard & everything in plain English and sometimes with pictures & even videos... all right in their OS.  There's a wee thing called Tips, there by default, tell a person all about their OS from A to Z(ed :maple_leaf:) <-- teeheehee.   Naivety is curable, one can heal oneself.  Sadly, you are right, many don't try to look & see or read about things which, they could do, can do right within their OS.

"Education begets empowerment", Drew

And to answer your query;  Yes, I know of that & or similar things. If, you were to ask me to comment, it would be this: Stay the H3LL away from such things, period, end of story, discussion & warning.  "Not with a 10 foot pole!"

If somebody wants/needs Managed Services, call Microsoft for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & that will nicely address all their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) needs; fully managed services Cloud safe.  In other words, it is something for business clients.  Doesn't sound like your friend is one of those.


@erikvp Yes. I use a laptop and another thing I've noticed is sometimes its hard to tell what the active tab is if the screen is at an angle. They need this addressed before launch. In the OG edge, there was enough contrast that even if I couldn't see what the active tab was, i could see all the other tabs, or if I couldn't at all, I could use the tab drop down or hover over the tabs.

@cjc2112 That looks like the monitor - It looks like you are using a monitor with local dimming/brightening. The monitor sees something bright in an area and brightens the area with the cursor. Try changing to a black/dark coloured cursor and see if that helps it




That's cool with various page colours.  It does have nice daily photos, often, too.

Notice how visible the tabs are.


I agree: Edge looked better IMO. It has the same look & feel that the rest of the OS, which was nice. The hovering borders on the buttons, the darker color patterns, the transparency on the top border…


Now that this is gone, it looks way too much like a chromium fork (which is, well... What it is).



Hi Drew,


that is what I told my friend. He removed it and even got his money back. He did go through all the build-in security checks and his computer runs a lot better again.


Glad you agree & good on you for telling him that. Cool things ended that way.  I'm glad to hear it, Erik.

I have a pet peeve about the work I see. I have a client in Mich. Replaced HHD. They returned it w/ 1803, AVG & Adobe Reader. She's happy, now, too. (We made things right)


I personally think it would be great if you could make a custom new tab page by uploading a HTML file.

@Ben_K2 No, its normal, I have some big ones at home that have always worked like that(the screen appears brighter when its tilted up than down), even when I'm playing Minecraft at 2 am, no lights. When I move my head physically it changes based on the angle. It might be for privacy, IDK, but that's the way it is built.

On my laptop, I either have to tilt the screen or move my head forward to see the tabs.

@Drew1903 I made the color ones specifically for the focused NTP, so if you could personalize even if you want something minimalistic and not distracting.


Your tabs are very visible, however, the dark mode in Spartan edge allows contrast without switching your themes.

tabs grouping doesn't working in latest canary version, is it planned feature downgrade or a bug?



please try enabling this flag

then it will work


Annotation 2019-11-26 141150 (1).png


Thanks that is all that is needed. So, it is in the browser already but not enabled. Highlighted tab (when the pointer is on it) could be a little brighter. But that is minor. The open tab is now easy to find.
doesn't work even with this flag(



I found it works. It is the opposite of Edge. In that, in Edge, the open tab is Dark the others lighter  AS in C Edge the open tab is lighter.


@erikvp wrote:
Thanks that is all that is needed. So, it is in the browser already but not enabled. Highlighted tab (when the pointer is on it) could be a little brighter. But that is minor. The open tab is now easy to find.

Yes because it's still in experimenting phase, it's also available only as a flag on Google chrome :)


@royamicus185 wrote:
doesn't work even with this flag(

Which Edge insider channel are you using?

after enabling the flag, you need to right-click on each tab and select this


Annotation 2019-11-27 102618.png


@cjc2112 Ayyy twentyonepilots fan |-/

@cjc2112  Will be in Microsoft Edge an option for dark mode for all websites? I hope that will be.

@ItalianAce , thanks for the tip about Dark Reader. Works amazingly well on most sites and has tons of configuration options. The Microsoft team working on Force Dark Mode on Web Contents could learn a thing or two from this extension. I'll use this while Microsoft works on improving the native Edge feature. 

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