Tab Groups are gone?

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Why was tab groups feature removed from flags in canary release?
It was useful feature

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I just noticed it to. I really hope they bring it back, it was so usefull to have a quick way to group tabs.


My thoughts exactly.

I used it constantly. Why was it removed?

And more importantly, why isn't there a changelog for Canary builds?

I remember a few weeks ago, the Edge team stated that it would make changelogs for Canary builds also..  


Yes, a few of the flags have disappeared in edge84, such as tab groups, pull to refresh, and tab hover cards. 

@Elliot Kirk @MissyQ @Deleted what were the reasons for removing those flags? Especially tab hover cards. Nearly every other chromium browser has that enabled by default.


Edit, tab hover cards was brought back in edge 85, but pull to refresh isn't, so I'm assuming its dead. Pity, I liked that one.

I join the question; it was a nice and handy feature
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Thank you all for reaching out about this.


As it says on the flags page, all flags are experimental. Thus, you can expect that they won't persist indefinitely. Sometimes, the team removes a flagged feature because it needs more work first, or they may have just been doing testing and won't move ahead with the feature.


While we cannot speak to the Tab team's plans for this particular experiment, we do know that they're working hard to make tab management more streamlined. You are also welcome to submit feedback through the browser to let them know what you liked about Tab Grouping!


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@Deleted  fair enough.. :)

Just adding "me too" to the sadness of the missing Tab Groups in recent builds. Useful, use it all the time.

For the feature being experimental, it is in Chromium code base, has been there for quite some time and has been stable in use pretty much since its release like 2 years ago. This is a deliberate removal of functionality, not something the Edge Team developed entirely and decided to drop. My 2 cents.

Make sure send a feedback in Microsoft Edge and tell them you love this feature and why you loved it.



As of todays Canary update "Version 84.0.512.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)"


Tab groups are back, well at least it is for me....

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For me too!


I know, that all options in flags are only experimental, and could be removed. 
Tab grouping was amazing and useful feature, which increases my productivity. 
Thank you so much for returning this feature. :)

@Select_a_profile_name Same, but it doesn't work for me.

gone from dev now too, wtf, i use it all the time, cant even toggle it back in flags....did they explain where it went??

Tab Groups are back in the latest Canary build (updated today). So it should be back in Dev in a little while. Patience!

What version of Canary to do you have?


@Dennis5mile Sorry for the delay, I see Tab Groups on Canary for Mac v84.0.516.0, was likely present for a few builds. Still not back in Dev channel.

I'm curious to know the latest developments on this topic as this is something we could really utilize at my company