Tab Groups - A Game Changer!

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This has been part of the Chrome feature set, but just found this experimental feature on the "edge://flags" page: Tab Groups.




From a visual and organizational perspective, this is tremendously helpful, since for one of my cloud-based apps, I can have as many as 10+ tabs open simultaneously.




Obviously this won't save me hours (or even minutes) of work each day, but over the course of a year, being able to quickly identify my appropriate tab will help me become more productive and focused. Very happy to have found this on #edge!

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I really like it too but Tab grouping in Microsoft Edge has problems compared to Tab grouping in Google chrome, here is the details:

with those problems fixed, it will save even more time

@HotCakeX yes, great points! Hopefully they'll be able to implement those changes...thanks for the information!

Of course, thank you!

@HotCakeX Awesome, thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to stream capture it too!

Anytime :)