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I don't like the tab group separator it waste space and it is not clear its intent.


I prefer way more the old Internet Explorer's approach where the tabs in the same group have the same color while different groups have different colors.










This seems to me much more immediate and communicate immediately what tabs are part of the same group

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Internet Explorer UI is awful, a nightmare and not modern at all, neither is it touch friendly. the Edge insider UI better get closer to the old Edge, it's by far the best and most wanted one. Microsoft spent years since the release of Windows 10 to perfect it.
in Edge insider browser, tabs scale based on the number of open tabs. when I open 200+ tabs at once, they get too small that only their favicon is visible.
plus at top there are plenty of Horizontal space. tab separator (!?)

I find it very interesting what IE did. I just realized now.


Nor do I agree that in IE everything is bad. It is a browser that is already obsolete because it is very old and they have stopped updating it ... but that does not mean that it has many good and interesting things such as this. I didn't know about this IE function, but I don't doubt that it can be useful for many people. If there is a way to do it in the new Edge Chromiun, welcome.


As I said in other posts, neither Chrome is God, nor IE is hell. Edge Chromiun already caught the best of Chrome, which is the chromiun project itself. You just have to add the good things that IE and Edge had, many of which are being asked in this forum.


I started sailing with netscape in 1995 and after 1999 I continued with IE. And with IE I continued until June 2019 that I switched to Edge Chromium. I spent 20 years with IE, and no doubt I had many good things (and I also had very bad things, like everything in life). So I know what I'm talking about.



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Me parece muy interesante lo que hacia IE. Me acabo de dar cuenta ahora.


Tampoco estoy de acuerdo en que en IE todo sea malo. Es un navegador que ya quedo obsoleto porque es muy antiguo y han dejado de actualizarlo ... pero eso no quita que tenga muchas cosas buenas e interesantes como puede ser esta. Desconocia esta funcion de IE, pero no dudo que para mucha gente le puede ser util. Si hay forma de hacerlo en el nuevo Edge Chromiun, bienvenido sea.


Como ya tengo dicho en otros post, ni Chrome es Dios, ni el IE es el infierno. Edge Chromiun ya cogio lo mejor de Chrome, que es el propio proyecto chromiun. Solo tiene que ir añadiendole las buenas cosas que tenia IE y Edge, muchas de las cuales se estan pidiendo en este foro.


Yo empece a navegar con netscape en el año 1995 y despues a partir del 1999 continue con IE. Y con IE segui hasta junio de 2019 que me cambie a Edge Chromium. Pase 20 años con IE, y sin duda que tenia muchas cosas buenas (y tambien las tenia muy malas, como todo en la vida). Asi que se de lo que hablo.




How all of what you said have to do with my post?


I only said that I like how IE group the tabs


I Prefer this:




over this:




Right clicking on tabs doesn't show me an option to group tabs.
latest canary.

Another problem with this approach is that you can't understand if the last tab is part of the last group or not





see for yourself, the darn feature isn't even available for me. so i couldn't have any idea what you were referring to by tab separators, specially when you didn't attach the picture in your first post.


this must be another silly outcome of handpicked rollout of Edge insider features. causing confusion and everything. 

I don't know. Maybe this feature could be part of some A/B testing...

@leonidev I have that feature on Edge Dev on my home Surface Book, but on my work SB it does not show up in any of the three , Canary, Dev, Beta. 

Today's update Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)
and still no tab grouping!

@leonidev With the latest build, tabs in a single group are all underlined with a colored line. This shows which tabs are included in that group and where the group ends. It also provides a visual indicator to help you drag tabs in and out of a group.


Personally, I'm ambivalent about the colored separators. If you name a group, then this is helpful. If you do not name a group, then having the underlines without the separators would save precious space in the tab bar. But the separator serves as the button to click to recolor and name groups, so you kind of need to keep it.

latest build of which channel?

if I click using the wheel  or choosing "Open in new tab" Internet Explorer and previous preview of the new Edge automatically create a new group of tabs I find very convenient and I hope you will bring back this behavior.


Another question is that in the new implementation when a tab in a group is selected the line indicating that it belong to a group is gone, this make less clear that the tab is part of the group, especially for the last tab in the group. IMHO the implementation in IE still better.


And finally we need more options for groups like, now we can only add a tab to a group or remove a tab from a group, will be usefull if we can:

1) close all the tab in the selected group (as already available in IE);

2) close the others tab and leave only the tabs in selected group open (as already available in IE);

3) add the group to favorites;

4) add the group to a collection;

5) refresh all tab in the group;

6) Open a favorite folder as a group;

7) Open a collection as a group