Suggestion for Tab groups and Collections

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Apologies if this is not the correct place for such things..

But after working with Collections and Tab group a fair bit lately, I would love to see the following options in Edge:
- The ability to add a Tabgroup directly as a new Collection
- The ability to open up a Collection into a Tabgroup inside the browser
This would add nicely to the existing functionality.


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These features were removed by Microsoft for some reason. There are several complaints about it but not nearly enough. My perception is that MS is not very responsive.

Cannot imagine the complaints... But to each his/her own I guess..
Too bad though, would love to see this implemented. shrug....

Oh! I meant there were surprisingly few complaints about it being removed. I don't think anyone complained about the feature itself. Maybe some did not see the point of it.

@RobWuijstervery good suggestion, I am surprised that tab groups and Collections are not connected somehow.

This will make me look at other tools like Workona or Braintool