Suggestion: Dark mode for ftp:// (& file://) protocol pages

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Hi, just a minor feature request:

Like with most browsers, viewing an ftp:// page (or file:// like in file:///C:/) bring the basic white, simple directory listing page.

Like this one :ftp_view_example.png


I think it would be nice if those protocol pages benefited from the dark mode; just a simple light-on-dark color scheme to make them easy on the eyes.


& Again, thank you & keep up the good work :thumbs_up:

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I almost forgot about this but this is a good suggestion! It would be awesome to also implement Dark Mode to FTP pages too.

Even better, it would be awesome if the UI would be updated too like using Segoe UI fonts and make it feels like a File Explorer, minus the Ribbon which is maybe uncessary (at least for me, but others might find it more useful). File Explorer features like Thumbnail support, sorting options, same Details View from File Explorer, Breacrumbs, Making use of Forward and Back buttons for navigation, and other basic file manager stuff.