Suggestion about blocking Websites in Edge

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There should be one tap setting or option using which user can block any website. For example porn site, fb for minors and related.

Although its possible using Host file method. I think it will be easier for users if there is option or settings.

I would like to know opinion of others @HotCakeX What you think?

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@vineydhiman You may consider using Cisco Open DNS. There is a free plan for home use and you can block websites based on category.


It works fine and is trusted because it's owned by Cisco


Messing with host files and browsers configuration won't work, they can be bypassed easily.






this should be possible using Family safety feature in Edge and Microsoft account


Im already aware of these methods, what I want in edge to have option to have simple one click option to disable site.
Oh, that's right :)
well I think for me those methods that are available at the moment are enough but you might have different needs of course

The family safety features do not allow me to block websites on my own account. @HotCakeX The ability to not see garbage shoved in my face has been a core reason I've stuck with MS for so long. Without the ability to control what websites are shoved in my face I have to look elsewhere for a reasonable browser.

You mean advertisement?


Hi! Thanks for the links! :folded_hands: OpenDNS sounds easy to use.


You're welcome :)
Edge stable will soon receive secure DNS feature where you can set DNS inside the browser or select from a premade list