Strange scrolling/rendering behavior


Getting this issue on multiple PCs with Edge 80.0.361.48.


Visit a page with lots of text.  I am able to reproduce it with the Edge page on Wikipedia: 


It also helps if the browser is maximized (easier to reproduce if the window is large).


Using the mouse scroll wheel, scroll the page from top to bottom and then back up again very quickly.  You should run into areas where the screen becomes un-rendered, a light grey color with no text, and it takes a moment for the browser to catch up.


This is annoying behavior.  I am not able to reproduce it in other browsers, including Google Chrome.  At first, I thought that it was some performance-saving "feature" with Edge only rendering part of the page to the GPU buffer.  But I realized that if I do the same thing using the scrollbar (drag it up and down) rather than the mouse scroll-wheel, the issue doesn't occur; the page remains fully rendered no matter how crazy my scrolling is.


It seems to be worse with pages with a lot of different elements, tables, images, etc.  For instance, this Wikipedia page on the presidential primaries, I don't have to scroll far at all before the browser seems to be struggling to catch up. 


Does anyone know what is up with this and if there is some flag that I can change to stop this behavior?

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If I disable "threaded scrolling" in Edge flags, then this issue goes away.