Stop forcing us to use Edge.

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I should NEVER be told, by Microsoft or anyone, which browser to use.


I should NEVER log on to Windows, to find Edge open and running, and set to my default browser.


Get it through your heads:  We aren't using Edge.  Until you make it actually, legit better than Chrome or whatever browser we prefer.


So tired of this BS.

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Do you remember when and other bogus, malware apps would do this?

Is Edge malware?  Are you that desperate?


Alt+Shift+I, that's where you can give constructive feedback, MTC - it's users and volunteers, so your comment won't change anything here.

My comment won't change anything, regardless of where I submit it. Still going to scream into the void over garbage policies and practices.
"I should NEVER be told, by Microsoft or anyone, which browser to use."

You're literally told by Opera, Brave, Google Chrome constantly bombarded by their fake ads on social medias, app stores, sites etc. that their browser is better and you need a 3rd party browser because Edge is supposedly not enough and it's bad.



Really?  So Opera is setting itself to my default browser on a reboot, even if I don't click those ads?

I'm not mad about ads or prompts.


I'm mad because I logged onto my personal PC, to find Edge open and set default, which I had not done in any way of my own accord.  


Maybe try actually reading the question / problem next time.  :D


I have a question, can you change the default browser in the settings?

Yes, I can - but again, no program should take over as default without me directing Windows to do so. Not even at time of a manual install; it should ask.

Fixing this wasn't that hard. But should not have been necessary, and again this speaks back to all the antitrust stuff with IE, and to how malware distribution works.

They keep trying to force us to use Edge, via garbage policies and shady practices, and I am going to speak out against it, every time.


I understand you a bit, but an experienced IT professional knows that Windows needs to be maintained and updated in the default environment, i.e. using default settings and Bing (now Bing AI).

These are automatically enforced technical requirements, and they really are necessary!

Third-party browsers use the same Windows defaults.

So Microsoft secures your network connections and what is a problem for you ->is a must! 

Microsoft can update my PC just fine without setting my default browser to Edge, or my default search to Bing.

I reject that answer entirely, sorry.
I mean, if I had in fact gotten some malware that MS was removing, and thus resetting to defaults, OK, fine.

Google Chrome is not malware, nor is Google Search as my default search engine.


Well , Google Chrome It has other settings that need to be synced after updating Edge, if Windows was the furious creator of Google Chrome then he wouldn't have to use Edge for basic Windows updates and maintenance.

After all, updates have to be downloaded from Microsoft's servers via Edge, why do you think?

Umm.. I'm sorry I simply don't understand that reply.

"Google Chrome it has other settings that need to be synched" - No, it doesn't. Chome interacts with the options set in Internet Settings, where needed, but does most of its work in its own folders and settings, and does not need to "synch" settings on update of either windows or chrome - it just reads from registry where needed for settings shared on all browsers.

"If windows was the furious creator of Chrome" - Uh... what?

"After all, updates have to be downloaded ... via Edge" - Not really, I mean that is the manual way, but all of those links work fine in Chrome as well. Windows will *open* those links in Edge if clicked from within a Windows dialog box, ignoring default browser setting entirely (also very annoying and questionable practice) - but most Windows updates are downloaded in the background and do not require interaction with Edge.

I think you are trying to help, and I appreciate that, but I think you don't very well know what you are talking about, or maybe just lack communication skills or something. Apologies.