SS47: resize toolbar / search bar

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Suggestion (SS): 47 Classification: TOOLBAR
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 2-3 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


If we want to move it to the left



is not possible (if we don't have 40 extensions for example).

instead you should show me in such way



where the extension is visible more to the left and after that i see a white space.


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I have read you "text" at least 10 times and i don't understand what you want, please do some efforts at least.

I understand that you don't speak natively english (i'm in the same case), please read yourself to be sure it at least understandable for people who don't know what you talk about.



is not possible to do that with few extension, since edge (and other chromium based browser) cannot move the bar to the left (if no enough extensions are installed) --> 



is like this, but instead of showing me the second search bar you show me the extension and then white space.


@edgesuggestionsActually, you can move it to the right, but you can't resize it. If you have already moved it to the right, you can move it to the left.

@edgesuggestions Yes, that's the thing I meant. But wait... What do you want again?

@Kam i want to see like that 



where the rest of my www...... (screenshot 3) is just white/grey*** (so no link at all). my extensions need to be more to the left, so i don't need to move to much my mouse.


the address/search bar should be shorter, extensions and other buttons more to the left and then just white space. on the right side we see edge accounts (screenshot 4).


PS: obviously add to bookmarks should be in screenshot 1 and not 3...


*** doesn't matter the color (= it should be blank), since it depends from which chrome theme you use. it can be even blue like this




Again, @edgesuggestions, like Aelisya mentioned already, I can't understand what you're saying.