SS46: Hey Edge - voice control

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Suggestion (SS): 46 Classification: VOICE CONTROL
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 2-3 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


Bing already has some integration of voice control, Firefox too. Now i think it's time for Hey Edge function.


Examples of tasks Hey Edge should be able to do:


-Hey Edge, move tabs to the right to another window, hide it in macos, save PDF and add all links to bookmark folder IMPORT for all tabs in this new window; once done close the window.

- Hey Edge, reload all

- Hey Edge, change to Bing as default

- Hey Edge, mute all

- Hey Edge, volume 50%

- Hey Edge, go to minute 3.45

- Hey Edge, loop mode

- Hey Edge, loop from x to y

- Hey Edge, set download path to configuration 1

- Hey Edge, search this with %s1 %s2 ... at the same time

- Hey Edge, open %s settings

- Hey Edge, add this search to %s and use abbreviation <ed

- Hey Edge, duplicate 5 tabs from this

- Hey Edge, change my profile image now

- Hey Edge, launch xxx (an extension)

- Hey Edge, quit Edge in 10 minutes

- Hey Edge, open random website from folder XXX

- Hey Edge, disable all extensions for 5 seconds.

- Hey Edge, random open my most visited youtube links

- Hey Edge, write new instagram post (by opening a 3. app for posting)

- Hey Edge, activate all disabled extensions.

- Hey Edge, reopen last closed session

- Hey Edge, reopen last 7 tabs

- Hey Edge, move tab to first

- Hey Edge, color tab to red

- Hey Edge, go back to the source (example when you open webpage a then b ... to z, go back to a) 

- Hey Edge, pipmode

- Hey Edge, go to next video

- Hey Edge, save to collections (last used)

- Hey Edge, close tabs to left

- Hey Edge, merge windows

- Hey Edge, quit

- Hey Edge, open flags

- Hey Edge, activate flag xx

- Hey Edge, restart 

- Hey Edge, share this page to xxx

- Hey Edge, new mail to xxx

- Hey Edge, install xxx

- Hey Edge, create new profile for account

- Hey Edge, delete this profile

- Hey Edge, activate vpn now (once integrated)

- Hey Edge, change background new tab pictures from onedrive folder AA to BB

- Hey Edge, open all links inside folder XXX

- Hey Edge, download all images that i click in the future, stop it once i say stop

- Hey Edge, launch beta profile xxx

- Hey Edge, show me when i visited this page in the past

- Hey Edge, add this page to bookmarks (using recent folder) as shortcut <emis

- Hey Edge open 6x incognito pages with url www....

- Hey Edge, ban all selected email from outlook

- Hey Edge, start new chat support session

- Hey Edge, new feedback

- Hey Edge, share this file (in onedrive = this mean you copy directly the url)

- Hey Edge, save all picture to onedrive

- Hey Edge, open word

- Hey Edge, find similar websites

- Hey Edge, show me my IP

- Hey Edge, export this image as png

- Hey Edge, save this files to xxx and rename it as yyy

- Hey Edge, open Missy Edge profile

- Hey Edge, run workspace 4 now

- Hey Edge, run highlight mode now (once integrated)

- Hey Edge, save next selected texts to collections

- Hey Edge, search hello in youtube as playlist

- Hey Edge, disable notifications from all future visited pages

- Hey Edge, activate flash always

- Hey Edge, open all selected urls in edge dev profile 3 (if we use canary for example)

- Hey Edge, copy all urls from tabs

- Hey Edge, add selected tabs to my vertical favorite tabs (once integrated)

- Hey Edge, open with profile 2 .... (once container is integrated)

- Hey Edge, download all images from tabs

- Hey Edge, create merge all tab groups and move to new window by hiding it in macos

- Hey Edge, download all files in this website with torrent (once integrated)

- Hey Edge, open in tabs selected links

- Hey Edge, export bookmarks every 5 minutes to my mac

- Hey Edge, reverse search this image

- Hey Edge, show me social accounts of this person (from a video/photo)

- Hey Edge, create new outlook alias b@....

- Hey Edge, change outlook recovery email to ....

- Hey Edge, ban all social accounts for 4 hours

- Hey Edge, add label xxx to this page (for history panel, once integrated)

- Hey Edge export last 7 days of history to my desktop folder xxx

- Hey Edge, activate kids mode

- Hey Edge, create new rule for this email and use setting 1 (example forward to 3 emails ...) 

- etc.


If we can run such multiple rules without Hey Edge would be cool too, so something in keyboard maestro style. Obviously first we need to support a better way to run such actions and similar actions without Hey Edge, but once this is done, different action can be implemented in Hey Edge too.


Then it depends, sometimes is much faster to do manually instead of saying Hey Edge... (and maybe Hey Edge doesn't understand what we say too...., like Bing does)


To be more faster instead of saying "Hey Edge, save pdf for all tabs to the right" or similar, we just say "Hey Edge, pdf right". The same for all other examples


You can even integrate a smart Hey Edge, where i can combine my manual and Hey Edge actions.


Example: i'm reading a pdf. at the same time i say "Hey Edge, pdf right once i say NOW". then i read pdf on tab 2, 3, 4, 5. Once done i say "NOW" and you export all pdf to the right (based on the tabs where i requested this rule). This means in the same time i can close and open new tabs, you do the action only once i say "NOW". Such "NOW" actions can be implemented in so many workflows and would be a great productivity boost.

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@edgesuggestionsWhat about "Hey Microsoft?"

@Kam yes, but it's too long for me. At the end Hey Edge works inside Edge, and not with Chrome, Vivaldi, ..

@edgesuggestions Ok, suggestion accepted by Kam.