SS35: Enable settings for the flag if flag is enabled

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Hello Insiders,


I have a suggestion.

Suggestion (SS): 35 Classification: edge://flags & edge://settings
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 9 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


I want to have a setting to enable a setting for the flag if the flag is enabled.

For example:


Say I enabled the flag edge://flags/#enable-force-dark (which I had before but disabled now):

There should be a box with the other boxes, let's call it "Flag Settings" and let's let it have the Science Beaker icon.

There should be a box (similar to the size of the Sleeping Tabs box) and in that:


Force Dark Mode for all Websites:

Below, you can type the websites that you don't want this option enabled.


I hope you like my suggestion. You can add to it below.


Have a great day!



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@Kam  for me is ok if other user use such method too, but maybe remember to use label or/and tag @edgess so is easier to understand which number we need to choose.


PS: i mean in case some user don't visit the webpage for different days.

@edgesuggestions What about the tag "@edgesuggestions" too? And if you like it you can add it to your OneLinkBio.

@Kam @edgesuggestion (without s, because i forgot it xD) is used to give access all other chromium based devs my suggestions. i write here, in chrome, and maybe in brave (but seems there are no devs on brave). all other devs (about 10-20) visit my edge label. i prefer if this is used only by me, this is why yesterday i started to use @edgess too. is more to avoid spam or duplication of suggestions from future other user (i don't mean you). otherwise other devs see 2000 posts, and then they decide to ignore all, like one dev already did after seeing 70 posts few days ago ... 

@Kam sorry but i don't understand what the feature is about. generally i don't use flags too, so i have little experience with such topic. i don't know what Sleeping Tabs box is too.

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@edgesuggestions  This is the Sleeping Tabs box:


Sleeping Tabs is available in version 88 or above.

@Kam so you mean that inside setting you want to see a panel (or box) for activated flags? 


if yes, i don't understand the reason behind that, because



are always on the top, the only problem is to access it, but generally it works fine if i use my shortcut _cbar for chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu. i see it immediately. i still think quick access to flags is necessary. 


PS: yesterday i discovered that edge removed chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu too, but doesn't matter. important is the extension box.

@edgesuggestions You are right, but now a new idea is forming under my hood ;-). What about if there is a settings page separately for flags (edge://flags/settings)?

@Kam like i wrote i have little experience with that. never used flags, i only started with chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu since google added the extension button (so maybe 05.2020). today and yesterday i used it for edge just to test pip mode and tab groups** before sending suggestions.


i personally don't need it, for me is enough a better quick access, but this doesn't mean the suggestion is bad or other. it all depends from how you use the browser. i generally don't use flags. 



** i'm sure tab groups where visible directly before i manually installed all new edge browsers yesterday. or maybe i just make confusions with chrome and other browsers. 


for me is much important to not change for example chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu on all mac users and macs, like i'm doing until now (i maybe did it 150x), or that i need to reactivate it once the browser has a new version.  i wish that if i change on mac user 1 a flag, edge keeps such setting for mac user 2-100 on the same mac too.  

@edgesuggestions Ok, that's your opinion.

@Kam correct, in the meanwhile i submitted your post to the devs (since i never talk to them about the flags problem too)

@edgesuggestions As asked, what about adding my post to your OneLinkBio (if you like it)?

@Kam is already there since hours in yellow

@edgesuggestions Got it!

P.S. On your profile you say you live in Switzerland, how are you awake at 12:16 AM?

here another example 


@reporter: Please disable "chrome://flags/#tab-hover-card-images" this flag, to disable tab previews. Let us know the observations.

in such case i agree with you that add a button directly inside the setting is much better compared to use a stupid flag to disable a new feature. at the end i don't go to flag to remove home button from my toolbar too...