SS16: %s and group of %s in right menu

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Suggestion (SS): 16 Classification: Search

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I totaly forgot to write about this. i already wrote about %s for example here

i told you for example to create group of %s. now you should implement all that inside right click menu.


if i select a text and i right click, i see various option:

1) single %s directly (or group of %s): so i would see "search in ...."

2) a folder with all %s and subfolder (=groups of %s containing different %s). now if i select the subfolder directly, you open all %s at once. Or i can see all single %s and choose which search i want open.


you could even show us a popup list with %s and group of %s, using the same method like before (open 1 or open all url inside the group).





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What is "%s" ?

@HotCakeX  it's search query related, this means the whole rule <ed named as edge

I know that part but still doesn't make sense and the whole post is too confusing to understand, because of the way it is written and put together.









just some examples


That doesn't help at all as I can't read italian and those are cut screenshots from other unknown places