Spaces between Korean characters are disappearing

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Dear Edge Development team members


I am a public servant in Korea. We are operating a web site for Korean citizens. While using the Edge beta version of 115.0.1901.165, there is a problem with Korean spacing in Korean-specific fonts. It doesn't happen on all computers, but it does happen on a few computers. The problem is that when certain fonts are displayed in bold, the spaces between Korean characters are disappearing. It doesn't happen in the latest version of Google Chrome beta. This issue does not occur in the official release Edge 114 version. If this issue is a bug and the bug is not resolved and the official version 115 is released, Korean websites that use certain fonts in bold will be in great confusion. 

The symptoms were captured in pictures. The red square part is the part where the white space has disappeared.


Please give us a solution.


Sincerely yours.


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Dear edge development members,

With the 178 beta, more PCs are experiencing this issue in Korea. Will a official release of Edge be released without fixing this issue?

When using the Dotum fonts in bold, the spaces entered between letters appear to disappear in the browser.

Things are getting worse in Korea.

Spaces between letters are very important in Korean. Please show the sentence below to someone who knows Korean.

Anyone on the development team who knows Korean can easily reproduce this problem.

한국어 폰트중 돋움 폰트를 볼드체로 사용한 웹사이트에서 글자 사이에 입력한 공백이 엣지 베타 버전에서 사라집니다.
그래서 돋움체 볼드 모든 글자가 붙어서 나옵니다.

Dear Edge Development members,

The same issue occurs when using   or pre tag.

Here are my test results.

1. html source
가 나

2. browser output

This issue is a browser bug and should be fixed.