Something missing

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Houston, @Deleted  we have something missing... 

block missing 2020-11-19 141204.jpg

Where is the description?  What is being blocked?

Version 88.0.705.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

I have sent feedback already on it.



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The missing item is "Unsandboxed plugin access"
I know it by quickly comparing canary to Dev, that's the only missing option in canary
should be here: edge://settings/content/unsandboxedPlugins
Yeah, I know. Was letting team know. ;)

It got fixed in Version 89.0.722.0 canary :)
Yes, I see that.. :) It had just seemed incomplete with no label.

Yeah true,
I just guess it happened because one of the rows got removed recently, the flash player :)
Oh, yeah. did not even notice it.. lol