Some problem in browsing history & permissions handler & offer save password in new update!!!

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Hi my friends. i have some problem or edge bug....


1. in normal i have no problem after enable Choose what to clear every time you close the browser and check Browsing history and close the browser and run again i see this problem.



Normal 1.PNG

Normal 2.PNG


Enable 1.PNG

Enable 2.PNG

2. in settings and site permissions if enable handler, handler goes to Allow and if disable handler, handler again goes to Allow. how to Block handler?



Handlers On.PNG

Handlers Allow.PNG



Handlers Off.PNG

Handlers Allow.PNG

3. after new update Dev channel (79.0.301.2) installed, in some site after use my user and pass edge dont offer save password.


plaese check this. thankyou. ( sorry for my bad english )

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Hi @farhad828, I can reproduce the first issue on the latest Developer channel builds.  I also noticed that if you open a new tab using the plus, it shows up with the correct title.  I will talk with the developers about this issue.  For the second issue, the text you are referring to is actually just the help text and does not change.  It is there to help our customers understand what the setting does.  The third issue is dependent on the sites.  Are you able to save your passwords for those sites in other browsers?  If so, can you tell us which sites you are having problems with?  Thanks - Elliot