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Working on "clean" looking laptop with no programs loaded.  Eset and Malwarebytes and Windows Security all scan clean.  But when I click on Edge's "Restore settings to their default values", then Edge puts and back into the "approved" search engines located here: edge://settings/searchEngines and becomes the Default engine.  What!?


So, where does Edge keeping pulling in this non-sense?  I would understand this IF my default system language is Russian but it's not.  Any ideas before I do a factory re-install?  Seems I have a scenario which Windows/Edge developers don't know how to guard against.

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@eworbit  Hi

Alt+shift+I - please send feedback directly to Edge engineers - include diagnostic data - The Edge team will analyze this.

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SOLVED. I totally overlooked that the laptop's country was set to "Georgia" in which Edge used that to set the After correcting it to United States, Edge would still set the default search provider to Yandex. So I still had to REMOVE the edge profile and add a new one. Now, it works.


This is a little strange - I propose to open the Microsoft Store application and download the localization package - by system language.

Operations related to cryptocurrencies - can automatically change many settings.