SOLVED : Edge canary stopped completely and nothing works

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since about a week or so , i got a notification to update Edge canary, nothing out of the ordinary, restarted canary and everything stopped working.


*finding : 

  • 1-extensions keeps crashing
  • 2-tabs showing blank page for everything (new tabs - private tabs - options- bookmarks - download ....) 
  • 3-the only thing that seems to works is the canary task manager.  


*what i tried: 


  • -the obvious install/reinstall
  • -disable protection software
  • -tried a different user account on the same laptop
  • -manually removed the "edge SxS folder" and reinstall 
  • -the only thing that seems to do something is running edge in compatibility mode (windows 8) although the popup notification says canary functionality isn't supported on windows 8 , at least i can access the settings. 


NB: after every fresh install everything seems to be working as it should, the problem appears after restarting the browser 



windows 10 64 bits , 16 GB RAM , latest build and updates , every driver is up to date.

canary version 112.0.1673.0


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i looked everywhere for a solution, but it seems i was the only one, no one is reporting anything similar.

so it was a high chance the problem is only from my end. tried many things but nothing seems to be working.


and as always, you forget the thing that's right in front of you, it was an overlay of browser protection by Eset smart security that was supposed to run all browser in secure mode, it works fine with edge (stable release) , don't know why it is buggy with canary.



Capture d’écran 2023-02-15 105012.pngESET Internet Security 15_02_2023 10_40_45.png