So much wasted area in VERTICAL TABS

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1. A lot of space is wasted when using vertical tabs

2. New tab icon should be placed at top, instead of bottom.

3. Vertical tabs switch icon at top not hiding when using vertical tabs, when icon is hidden from settings: edge://settings/appearance


wasted area.png


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I think they can use the free space at the top when using vertical tabs, by moving Edge's horizontal toolbar and address bar to the top.
the tab title will still be visible on the vertical tabs sidebar.
this way it will actually be useful and save vertical space.

so the "minimize button" (-) will be next to the "..." button which is for Edge menu.

I definitely would love to see the operations line move up to the top to regain those pixels. For me, a good part of wanting to use vertical tabs is to better utilize the 16:9 form-factor. So, when switching saves no room at all, it makes it much less appealing.


So something like the mockup I attached. Though I probably over-trimmed, might need a bit more drag space at the top.




Yes, I think that's too much cut from the top.
the PWA UI in Edge seems to be just right. it's smaller than the regular toolbar.
TBH, Title at top looks nice, but, that wasted area.... This should be optimised somehow, I don't have any idea, but those pixels should be usable somehow.

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this is now implemented in latest Edge canary, title bar completely hides, more info:



This is great news!
Thanks @HotCakeX for sharing, It Looks great
You're welcome, yes, I can't go back to the old design now :)