Separate start page or URL for new tabs for profile

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It would be great, if the start page URL could be set for each profile separately. On our company workstations edge is being configured by GPO. The startup URL is set to our intranet, which forces a login using AzureAD. This login works well in the work profile.
But using my private profile, this forced login failes and results in several redirects. This breaks my inputs in the address bar. It is very annoying.

To resolve this, it would be great, if I could set a different start page URL for my private profile within edge.

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Please correct me if I've misunderstood your question. You can choose a custom start page in the browser settings menu. To do this enter edge://settings/startHomeNTP in the address bar > Under When Edge starts, select Open these pages > Add a new page. Add the URL of the page you want to open at launch.