Search Filters (e.g., Case Sensitive) Not Working on PDF Reader

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Hi, I am trying to use the search filters enabled by the flags #edge-find-on-page-filters and #edge-related-matches-for-find-on-page on Edge's default PDF reader. Turning these flags only let me use their filters (whole word, match case, related matches; match diacritics wasn't appearing, for some reason) in non-PDF pages. I have tried deleting my cache and cookies, looking for alternative PDF readers via extensions (none that I found have all the features I want), turning my extensions off, and trying to get other extensions with search functions (e.g., Vimium C, which I could not get to work on the PDF viewer). Despite these efforts, the "Find on Page" filters only appear for non-PDF pages.

I also tried enabling and disabling #edge-find-aura but it seemed to do nothing. I am using the latest version of Edge. What should I do?

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