Scrollbar Dragging Issue in Bootstrap-Vue Dropdown Component in Microsoft Edge 114/115

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I would like to report a bug regarding the dropdown component in the Bootstrap-Vue package in Microsoft Edge versions 114 and 115 on the Windows system. When the parent element has the "overflow-y: auto" CSS property, the scrollbar within the dropdown component cannot be interacted with through mouse dragging or clicking the up and down buttons. However, this issue does not occur in Edge version 113 or older versions. I kindly request Microsoft team to investigate and resolve this bug to ensure a seamless user experience.

Thank you for your attention.


codesandbox link

dropdown component.png

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We are facing similar issues in our application.
Our only solution is to ask our clients to use google chrome until this is fixed.

@TiagoAntunes Thanks for your feedback : )

Our teams also informed our clients that they can temporarily switch browsers to solve this problem. Also, I have already reported the issue to Bootstrap-Vue. You can visit the issue here.



This also affects Kendo UI jQuery Scrollbars in some places