Saved Passwords in Edge are now available to All apps on Mobile - System Wide Password Manager


I've been using Microsoft Authenticator Beta app for a while on my Android phone, today I received an update and now the app works as a system-wide password manager (Password filler), for all websites and apps.

This should work on IOS too.


Links to Google play

And App store.


(remember you have to enroll in Beta for now until this is rolled out to the public)


Q: How are my passwords protected by the Authenticator app?


A: Authenticator app already provides a high level of security for multi-factor authentication and account management, and the same high security bar is also extended to managing your passwords.


More info, Q&A and explanation here:









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thanls but i can't subscribe because i don't have test flight code for it (ios) so i have to wait :\

@HotCakeX This is amazing. Do you have any work account added to the Authenticator app? For me, the option is greyed out and according to their Docs page, it is because I have added those work accounts.


I read about it and seems like there should be a public link or email received from Authenticator developers before you can use beta version of an app on IOS.


where do you usually find these? like for Edge beta or OneDrive beta as an example


on Android I just scroll down in the Google paly page and at the bottom there is Beta participation option.

I removed my Work accounts and restored the other accounts using Cloud backup. I was able to enable the feature afterwards, and it works really well! I'm impressed :)

Yeah it's awesome, if everything goes well I hope it'll make it to stable soon so IOS users will be able to use it without the need for code or anything that Apple forces them to.