Samsung Internet Sync With Edge

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I have a feature request for Microsoft Edge. Since Samsung and Microsoft have partnered up, it would be great if we could either sync Samsung Internet with the desktop version of edge or, if Samsung and Microsoft agreed to make Edge the default browser on Samsung devices. Also, please create a Bixby Capsule for Microsoft Edge so we can open things with Edge using Bixby.
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You can disable Samsung browser and use Edge on mobile instead,
there are more phones with Chrome as the default browser and users always have the option to disable it and use Edge instead.
passwords you save in Edge will be available to all the apps on your mobile, as a system-wide password manager.



I would love it if we could sync Samsung Browser with Edge on desktop. The Edge mobile browser is good, but the Samsung browser feels better.

After you use the new Edge Canary, it feels far better than the Samsung Internet (In my opinion).
yes but the edge is not as integrated with the system as Samsung internet is... it makes more sense to use the default app cuz its more optimised for the device that's why If Samsung internet can sync with windows default edge then i can finally uninstall chrome
the only reason i still use chrome is bcoz i don't feel comfortable using edge on my phone its not well optimized
I had the same idea- then I started to look it up then I found ur post... if they do it somehow I'm definitely leaving chrome
default app doesn't mean it's more optimized.
Edge canary has recently started its rollout, soon the rest of the channels will see the same improvements.
Just download the Samsung Internet chrome extension. You can import bookmarks using it.

So what the OP wants is possible. Just install the "Samsung Internet" extension from the Google chrome web store (just google chrome extensions). Then once the extension is installed in Edge, just click on it, sign into your samsung account, and tell it to synch your "chrome" bookmarks to samsung internet. When it's done syncing you will find a new folder in Samsung internet bookmarks called "Chrome Bookmarks" but it will have your Edge bookmarks instead.

@sean8102 the Chrome extension does not work in Edge for me. Can't connect to my Samsung account on the extension window that opens, nothing is loaded. Does it work for you guys or is the Chrome extension not fully Edge compatible indeed?

He can't sync Microsoft edge with his Samsung pass. Also, his previous bookmarks, search history, saved pages, and saved settings it's hard to transfer these data using an android device. That's why it's better to use Samsung internet in his case and syncing with edge will be a great benefit.

I use samsung device too, using samsung internet browser is not as convenientas Edge or Chrome because samsung internet does not privde us desktop version. I use Edge with my phone and i also save all my passwords with Samsung Pass so that works well. If you save your passwords with Samsung Pass it will give you access via Samsung internet Browser. Using a web browser which also can install on other oparationg systems are better for a easy access @Ty590