Right Alt with Left Arrow doesn't work

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Right Alt from keyboard + Left Arrow doesn't work. Earlier builds it worked as back in browser, now perhaps stopped.

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@Octavian20604, I am able to navigate forwards and backwards using both left and right Alt + left and right Arrow keys, with the notable exception of the Bing.com home page, which overrides those commands to go back and forth through their Image of the Day catalog.  I was able to do this in both the Dev channel and Canary channel on Windows 10.  What channel, build and OS are you running?

@Elliot Kirk I have the same behavior as @Octavian20604.


Using left "Alt" + "Left" or "Right" arrow keys works, but using right "Alt" ("Alt Gr" on my keyboard) + "Left" or "Right" arrow keys does not work.


I'm using Microsoft Edge Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

I use the same build as @cbomtempo Edge Dev windows 10 latest release preview may 2019


Same problem here.

 I'm sure it's related to Alt Gr  key on international keyboard.

When I am in a browser I used to use alt and left arrow and alt and right arrow to move Pages forward an pages backwards. Why is this so.


It's solved right now.

Microsoft Edge Dev
Version 96.0.1054.5