reverse canvas when switch tabs

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I develop a page with some canvases.  The Content of Canvas will reverse left to right when switching tabs. Sometimes i need to try more than one switch. Is there some wrong?

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@__tad I can confirm this as well, was freaking me out! Just starting developing something with ECharts via ECharts-For-React. Gif evidence here.


Gonna have to switch back to Chrome (ugh) to continue developing this!

yes, chrome and firefox is ok

I had similar issue with some page components flipping when switching back to a tab. Very confusing when the HTML5 vcenter tab to the console of a server is showing flipped. Looks like an issue only in latest 78 release. Edge Beta (v77) doesn't show the same issue for me.

@__tad This is happening for me too in the Grafana 6.3.5. I thought I was losing the plot when my charts went from this




to this 




I had another post on here about the same issue.  Turns out this is a known issue in the Chromium source.  A fix has been developed, and being merged back in.  The fix should show up in Edge Canary builds soon.

@__tad @LukeDearden @Aaron O'Reilly @brettorr 

It does look like this has been fixed now.  At least in build 78.0.272.

I will check it later because my edge is in dev channel which is build
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