Restoring Tab groups

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Would anyone else like to see "tabs from other devices" include tabs in groups by bringing the groups over? Maybe with tick boxes ahead of the groups to select them?
What happens to me sometimes is Edge will shutdown unexpectedly and the "Restore Tabs" prompt is not there, so I have to go to Tabs on Other Devices and select the tabs I want, but that doesn't include the groups that they are in.

Also, you used to be able to start a collection with all open tabs. I can't seem to find that option anymore. I used to back up my tabs to a collection about once a month because I haven't reliably been able to restore tabs when the browser closes unexpectedly.

Thanks for considering this request.

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@Paul Demmitt It would also be common sense to be able to restore tab groups. These are created as a library or knowledge base and should be retrievable if they've been closed.

Restore group it will be a nice feature, but I think it's a bug, if you request manually a restore windows, it restore the windows with tab groups and this should be the behaviour also in case of restore after crash

@AlexPechi  The groups of tabs are restored when tabs are restored on the local machine. I was referring to when (rarely) there is no prompt to restore tabs after an unexpected crash. Lately, there has always been a "Restore Tabs" button on the upper right. But sometimes there wasn't and I would restore tabs from other devices and while the tabs were all there, they wouldn't come over in groups, even though they are in groups on the other computer that correspond to the ones I had on the machine where the browser had crashed. Does this make sense? 


And actually it would be handy to be able to select groups from other devices, instead of or in addition to tabs.



Paul, I agree 100%. It is not uncommon for me to keep 50 different tabs open across multiple windows. If I knew my tab groups would be easily accessible, I would be far more likely to only open specific groups as-needed. But without that guarantee, and the alternative being the buggy collections UI, I opt for the more reliable (yet still not great) option of keeping a ridiculous number of tabs open.