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Hi everyone,


As we know support for Adobe Flash Player already ended and it is for all browsers (including Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer). Take a look at Adobe Flash end of support on December 31, 2020 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

There are flash emulators where you could add into your website and run Flash Player but they have performance issue and are not recommended.

In case you are a web developer or you want to create nice websites, you could do it with modern web standards and users won't need to install any external extensions or plug-in.

I open this discussion to see what technology are you using as replacement for Flash Player?



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HTML5, CSS3, JS, SVG, that's all needed.
Are you saying that you are allowed to select something other than HTML5?
Apart from those that I mentioned above, there is Web Assembly and WebGL,
both supported in Edge.

WebGL is a browser API (application programing interface) that allows game developers to render 3D graphics on the GPU from within web browsers. This allows the creation of sophisticated games that would not be possible using the Flash platform.


Yes, as @HotCakeX point out there are several technologies out there.

Thank you for sharing.

Well, I also noticed some websites using type of Flash Player emulator which host Flash content on the web and play it for the end user. It is being used for old games which are still using Flash Player. Since converting Flash Player to HTML5 is not easy.

You're welcome,
Yes, but they have to eventually switch, if users keep using them then they never will feel the need to switch.
so i think it's not a good idea to promote using flash emulators. it's like promoting using Windows 7 which just like flash player, has reached end of life, sure people can still use Windows 7 on old machines or virtual machines, but it's not a good practice and has its own flaws.
if something's not easy doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.

transition from flash player is not something that happened overnight, developers that own old flash games had Years of prior notice, they intentionally postponed it.

For this reason, I haven't share the name of those plug-ins.

Adobe , Microsoft and other manufacturers informed public since last year but people won't take action unless there is an action.

I am not much into game development, but it would have been fun like to have some sort of hackathon about developing games using modern web standards like WebGL or Unity3D and so on and make those games ready for Microsoft Edge. It could be a fun remote event.

Well those technologies are not limited to Edge, they work across many platforms and browsers.
there can be lots of things done but it will go beyond the topic of the forum.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

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