Remember 15.3.2021 there will be A BIG CHANGE! Backup data now

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Videos are not supported, so check




Edge is chromium, so is influenced too. 


I already opened a bug, but probably they don't revert such changes


PS: is about another downgrade by Google Devs, where they block browser sync (less related to Edge, since we use Edge Sync), extensions, etc.

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it's not clear what your post is about.
that title is kinda click bait.

cmd c cmd v from reddit:

i asked more details to memex devs, but they haven't answered me until now.

no idea what memex is? this

Please note: for sync features there are huge influences to Kinza, SRWare etc. browsers (in different browsers already now gsync doesn't work, or better already 1+ year ago...).

For other browsers (like opera, coccoc, salamweb, qq, 360, etc.) is especially related to usage of chrome extensions and data connected to such extensions. The gravity is still not clear. I personally never got anything until now, and i use over 50+ browsers with 200+ chrome accounts, but this doesn't mean the problem is not available.

Better to keep an additional backup, instead of having bad experiences... Different questions still remain, like: "ok, even if we have the backup, can we still use the data now or what?" or "which extensions/data are exactly influenced by such changes?", "does google apply this to all browsers, or only browsers released after xxx?", etc.


for the image of memex you need to check because they haven't posted any public message, i only got an email.


There are probably no changes if you use only Edge sync and Edge store (or at least i think...)

I don't see anything big here.
Microsoft already removed google-related features from Chromium before integrating it into the new Edge.
Everything is okay for Edge users.