regression bug: new tab button no longer at the very top of the display

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Make sure window is maximized. In Edge Stable 85.0.564.51 , when you put the cursor all the way to the top of the screen over the new tab button, you just click and it opens a new tab. But in beta and the latest canary, it doesn't. This is not good, please fix. 

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Forgot to add: I'm on Windows 10 (v1909). Display scaling is at 200%
Can you at least tell me if this is intentional or not?
still seeing this in Edge Canary. I think this was introduced in Chrome m86 and Edge just let it through, but it really really shouldn't have. This is a silly problem, can someone please help with this? It's just so annoying and silly. Edge 85 is not effected
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I'm still seeing this in Edge Canary 88.0.673.0, but it's fixed in Chrome. Edge team, why is this fixed in Chrome Canary but not Edge? Here is the Chromium bug for this, please let the change go through for Edge! This is a stupid problem
Edge team, let this fix through! I'm on Edge Canary 88.0.676.0 and I'm still experiencing this problem. They fixed it! Please let the patch through