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Has anyone noticed that Recent Bing Searches are a sometimes thing when opening a new tab? Like sometimes they are there below the search box and other times they're not? I seen this happen on all version of Edge - Standard, Dev and Canary.


I just started noticing this after the last update which, according to the patch release notes, removes the 'classic' Edge.


It's really not a big deal, but I have used them. And, closing and reopening the new tab a couple of times brings them back... if for just a while.


FWIW - all the browsers are up to date.

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yes it's a feature, added first a couple of months ago to Edge canary.

you can control it by clicking on the gear icon on the new tab page




I've been using it since it was introduced. As I mentioned, I just started noticing the recent searches not show up since the last Windows 10 update. I have it configured and...




Now if I close/open the new tab a couple of times...




Happens on all versions of Edge.

Still in CFR. I do not have this yet. :(