Really small tabs (bug?)


I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Sometimes opening a new tab cause all tabs to become really tiny. Has anyone ever seen this before? I tried to search but didn't find anything.




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Hi there, welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community!

This is a bug. It is a known issue. It mostly happens when a link is opened in Edge from an installed Progressive Web Application(PWA). The solution to it is that clicking on of any of the tabs which will bring those tabs to their regular size.

@assafi I can confirm that @TheShaunSaw is correct, and this is a known issue that's on the team's radar. I know that they're counting the number of instances/occurrences, so feel free to submit feedback (Shift+Alt+I) to "+1" this bug.


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I have also seen this bug. Microsoft has now resolved this issue. I usually faced this issue when I opened a PDF file.


I still have this issue. Using Edge Version 85.0.531.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


I am no longer facing this issue. Maybe you can report this issue again to Microsoft so that they can look into it.



can you post your current version of edge please ?




My edge is currently running on version 85.0.536.0



Thnx for the quick reply. Let's wait till I run the same or newer version as you and then I test again.


PS: are you running Canary Channel ?


Ya, I am running on canary channel. I checked if the issue was resolved or not around 3-4 days ago. So most probably the issue would have been resolved 2-3 versions earlier.