Really slow page load time on 88.0.705.50

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I hope this is the correct place to highlight an Edge problem - apologies if not.


After updating to version 88.0.705.50 the page load speed is very slow and Edge often displays "Downloading proxy script".  I've tried this on several PCs and seen the same problem but I don't know whether this is something connected with my ISP or is a general problem.  If I switch to any other browser or turn off automatic proxy setup then the page load is normal.


Other people are experiencing the same problem - see


Although I can get the speed back by turning off automatic proxy setup, this is not a fix I can supply to my clients.


Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.





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"Going forward, if you find a bug, first please report it through the in-browser feedback tool. (… menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback). If you need personalized help with troubleshooting an issue, especially if it relates to your specific device or account, please contact our Insider Customer Support team. This is a small, specially trained team to solely support our Insider community, so they can provide the 1:1 assistance that you or your Enterprise environment might need."

@Tim_Raynor all i can say it's like @HotCakeX do a feedback, but i will tell, the security regulation in my country heavilly recommand to disable automatic proxy configuration for security purposes in Entreprise.


But it's your network not mine. Good luck to the microsoft team to patch this its seems "bug".

Hey there! 


We're tracking this issue and looking for folks to help us with some logs! Missy has a detailed write-up on what we're looking for over on Reddit as well as the workaround (which it looks like you've already seen and won't be able to use with clients.) We appreciate your help investigating this further!





Many thanks for your help.  I've run through the details on Reddit and have submitted some logs to help resolve the problem.


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